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  • The following notes and steps only apply to Lightspeed Golf

  • Only Manager and Owner Employees can access Reports and Business Intelligence

  • Exported files are in .csv format, be sure that you have a program to open them

    • Some options for this are Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Google Sheets

Exporting Customer Information from Lightspeed Golf:

Customer Segmentation Report

  1. Go to the Reports tab from the sidebar

  2. Click into the Segmentation report, under Customers

  3. You will see the Filters and Export buttons at the top right of the report

    1. Apply any filters necessary, but note that only one player type can be selected

    2. Use Export Segment for filtered results, or Export All for unfiltered results

  4. Using the Export buttons will generate a .csv file that you will want to open with a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers and Google Sheets

Business Intelligence Reports

  1. Go to the Business Intelligence tab from the sidebar

  2. You will see the three Customers reports available, Overview, Leaderboards and Acquisitions

  3. More information about these reports can be found, at this link here.

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