You can issue refunds by finding the original sales transaction and refunding it (refund by reference).

Please note you will need to process the refund in Lightspeed Golf and Lightspeed Retail (if applicable). If you are unsure about needing to do both, please contact our support team and they will help guide you.

Only Owner employee profiles are able to process refunds following the information below.

1. Finding the sale to refund

  • Navigate to Reports > Lightspeed Payments

  • Click on the transaction date that you would like to refund

2. Processing the refund

  • Once you have clicked on the transaction, you will be brought to the payment details page.

  • Copy the Processor ID and then click on Request Refund

  • Paste the Processor ID and then click Search payment

  • From here you can determine whether you would like to refund the total amount or do a partial refund.

    • Full Refund: Select Full Refund and then click on Confirm Refund

  • Partial Refund: Select partial refund and then enter the amount to refund and then click on Confirm Refund

Once the refund is successful you will see the message below.

You can also navigate back to the payments screen and refresh your page to see the updated status to either Refunded or Partially Refunded.

3. Refund the sale in Lightspeed Retail

Once you have processed the refund, you will need to make sure to refund the transaction in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series), if you have the integrated POS linked to your Golf account.

To process the refund in retail, please follow these steps.

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