This feature allows multiple staff members to edit the same reservation at the same time when edits are for different players. When someone makes a change to a player's round within a reservation, only that round will update for the other staff members to see, upon saving.

Example: There is a reservation with 2 guests

  • Register 1: edits the first guest round

  • Register 2: edits the second guest round.

  • When Register 1 clicks “Save”, Register 2’s reservation will update to display the information that Register 1 entered

  • It will not overwrite the second round, it will only save the changes from the Register 1's slot

You can simultaneously edit information related to an individual golfer, for example, the name, member number, email, phone number, carts, discounts, and extras. This feature will not allow you to simultaneously edit top-level reservation details that affect the whole reservation (ie. 9 or 18 holes, day or time of the reservation).

Example: Register 1 edits the number of holes from 18 to 9, but Register 2 doesn't. When Register 2 saves, it will override what Register 1 saved, setting it back to 18 holes.

Recommendation: To make sure this feature works successfully, employees at the proshop should communicate with each other and determine a procedure when checking in golfers.

For example: A reservation for 3 people (1 identified member + 2 guests)

  • Register 1 knows to identify their guest on the second spot

  • Register 2 knows to identify their guest on the third spot

  • When they both save, nobody’s work is lost. The reservation then has 3 identified rounds.

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