As a member when you make an online tee time reservation you have the ability to add other players to your reservation, regardless if their membership type is different from yours.

Adding Other Members to Your Reservation

If you want to add other members to your booking you can do so regardless of their membership type.

When you are first making a reservation you have the ability to add other members by searching for the member in the other player spots. Members with a different membership type will be updated to their correct membership type.

If you have made a reservation already and need to go back and add member's names to your booking, you can do so either in the browser or mobile app:

  • In your member dashboard find the reservation you are editing, and click to open it

  • You must click "Edit" or "Edit Reservation" in order to add the members name, otherwise you will receive an error message and will need to go back to click edit first

  • Once you are in the edit reservation mode, you can add the member's names by clicking on the other member spot and searching the member's name to add

Booking/editing from a Web Browser:

Booking/Editing from Mobile App:

**Pro Tip: If your course utilizes tee time freeze (you would see an orange bar at the top of your reservation with a countdown timer) take advantage of the 5 minutes you have to complete your booking to enter the names of the other members you are playing with at the time of booking.**

Adding Public Players to Member Reservations

To add a public player to your reservation you will need to adjust the player type before you select the tee time you want.

  • To adjust the player type, on the tee time selection page under the number of players in the tee time, you will need to click the drop down arrow next to the listed player types and select the public golfer option

  • Once you have selected the public player type, you will be able to add the name of the player to the reservation by selecting the Guest tab, then "Invite a Friend" on the confirmation page. You will need to input the golfer's name and email then confirm the reservation.

Note: on the mobile app, to change a player type click the coloured dots under "Players" on the top left of your app.

Adding a Public Player to an Existing Reservation

To add a public player to an existing reservation the same work flow as above applies where you will need to change the player type to public and then you can "Invite a Friend".

To get to this edit page however, you must choose "Edit" or "Edit Reservation" on the tee time first to open the edit mode.

To invite a friend select another playing in the reservation and choose "Invite a Friend". You will need to add the friend's email and first and last name.

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