When a customer has a credit on their restaurant account, but a balance owing in retail, follow these steps to adjust the house account.

STEP ONE - To use the balance from the restaurant side:

  1. On the restaurant iPad, open a new table and add the customer to the table

  2. Add an “Account Adjustment” item to the sale for the amount of the credit

    1. If you don’t already have an account adjustment item, in the restaurant admin backend go to Products and Add Product in whichever category you’d like (ie. Discounts). Make the item visible and change the product type to
      Open Price” with a tax rate of 0

  3. Click Pay and choose “Put on Tab”.

    1. If you get a balance is not negative error message, you will need to change the payment type here to “Use Credits”. Once you select Use Credits it will suggest the amount of credits the customer has on their house account. Enter the entire amount displayed or for the amount of the account transfer. If there is still a balance remaining for this transaction, use the “Put on Tab” for the remaining balance of this transaction

    2. Note - your payment types may be named differently, but to verify you have the correct payment type go to the restaurant admin backend to Payments and click on the payment to see what the payment type is

  4. Click Finalize

  5. This will remove the credit on the restaurant account, which you can now use to pay off the balance on the retail side

STEP TWO - To pay the balance owing on the retail side:

  1. Open a new sale in retail and add the customer to the sale

  2. Click Payment

  3. Click Make Payment for the amount of the credit you just adjusted in the restaurant

  4. Choose “Account Adjustment” as the payment type

    1. If you do not already have the Account Adjustment payment type, in retail go to Settings - Payment Types and Add New Payment Type and call it “Account Adjustment”

  5. Click Finish Sale

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