When a customer has a credit on their retail account, but a balance owing in the restaurant, follow these steps to adjust the house account.

STEP ONE - To use the balance from the retail side:

  1. In retail, go to customers, open the customer you need and click "Checkout"

  2. Once in the sale, click on "Payment" directly without adding any items to the sale

  3. Choose "Refund Deposit" displayed under the customer's name

  4. Choose the exact amount owed in the Restaurant to refund and choose the payment type.

    Note: it is recommended to use a payment type along the lines of Restaurant Payoff or House Account Adjustments. If you need to create a new payment type you can do so in Settings - Payment Types - New Payment Type

This will use the credit on the retail account, which you can now use to pay off the balance on the restaurant side

STEP TWO - To pay the balance owing on the restaurant side:

  1. On the restaurant iPad, start a new table

  2. Add the customer to the sale

  3. Click on the Pay icon on the top right corner

  4. Click the “Tab Paid” payment button and enter the amount you are transferring over (Note: the amount will default to the amount owning on the account)

    1. This payment may be named differently for you, but to check the payment type in your restaurant admin backend go to Payments and click on the payment type to verify that the type is “Tab Paid

  5. Once you have added the tab paid amount choose the “Account Adjustment” payment type to pay off the tap paid amount

    1. If you do not already have an account adjustment payment type, in your restaurant admin backend, go to Payments and “add payment”. Call it “Account Adjustment” or something along those lines and choose “No Payment” as the type of payment. Ensure auto finalized and visibility is select

  6. Click Finalize to complete the sale

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