Members now have the ability to manage their privacy settings to control how other members can view them.

There are two different settings that members can manage:

1. Tee Sheets

If you provide your members with the ability to book on the member’s read-only tee sheet, when a member toggles on this setting their name will no longer be displayed on the members’ read-only tee sheet. Instead of showing the member’s name for other members to see, it will be replaced with “Member”.

When a member chooses to be hidden from the member read-only tee sheet, their name will still appear as normal on the admin tee sheet for staff.

2. Directory & Search Results

When a member chooses to toggle on this setting, they will be hidden from the club’s member directory and in the search results when trying to add a member to a tee time. If you allow your members access to the member directory, this setting will remove the member from being displayed in the directory. As well, when a member goes to make an online booking and add the name of their playing partner to the tee time, it will not show this member’s name when they search for them.

Note: Even when a member chooses to be hidden from the member directory and search results, if they have played with a member recently, they will still show in the other member’s list of recent players, which will allow them to be added to the tee time by the other member.

Where to Find these Settings

Online Member Portal (

Members have the ability to toggle on or off these settings on their online member portal by going to Memberships then selecting “Privacy Settings”.

Mobile App:

On the mobile app, members can navigate to Account - Memberships - choose the membership - Privacy Settings - then toggle on or off each setting.

Admin Customer Database:

Admins also have the ability to manage these settings in each customer’s golf profile, under preferences.

Please note, members are given access to your club’s member directory and the member’s read only tee sheet through player types. If you wish to toggle off or on one of these settings, you may do so by opening the member player type in golf settings then accessing the member permission settings.

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