To mark customers as paid/unpaid on the tee sheet, the first step, is to enable the employee role to be able to do so!

*Note: Only Owners have the rights to edit/modify employees and their roles,

To Enable this feature, go to Settings > Roles and click into the role you wish to give this permission to, and turn on "Can mark products in reservations as paid/unpaid"

Once turned on, by navigating to the tee sheet, click to open a booking.

Next to the price of an item in the booking , if the item is not showing paid, click the little circle next to the item, and then select "mark as paid" which will highlight the item as paid with a green $ Sign

To mark customers as unpaid, it is the same action. Open the booking, click the green $ sign, and select "mark as unpaid" which will remove the $ sign from the product you choose.

That's it! you now have the ability to mark bookings as paid/unpaid on your tee sheet!

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