Once you have created a popup and specified it’s behaviour, you can style it to match your website branding. You will need to assign the popup to a theme, and edit that specific theme as needed. You will also be able to change the size, animation, position, and more.

Assign a theme style to your popup

Popups are styled by inheriting theme settings. Before styling a popup, you will have to assign it to a theme style. We always recommend to go with the Light Box theme:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your popup page to Popup Settings

  2. Click on Display

  3. Under “Appearance” choose the Light Box theme. Now your popup will inherit whichever styling we apply to that theme.

  4. That’s it! Before you save, you can also adjust the other settings such as Size, Animation, Position, etc. However, we recommend you leave them as default.

Customize the theme style of your popup

Once you have assigned your popup to the Light Box theme, you can customize the appearance of the theme, and as a result, your popup from the popup theme settings:

  1. In the left WordPress admin toolbar, under Popup Maker, click Popup Themes

  2. Click on Light Box, and edit any settings:

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