Once you have created a pop-up and added content to it, it’s necessary to specify how the popup appears on a page, and what pages it appears on. This can be done within the Triggers and Targets area of the Popup Maker settings.

Setting popup triggers

Popup triggers cause a popup to open based on how much time has passed since the page was first loaded. We recommend always sticking to the default trigger settings, but they will first need to be activated before you start using the pop-up:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your popup page to Popup Settings

  2. Click on Triggers

  3. Click Add New Trigger

  4. Under Choose what type of trigger to add?, choose Time Delay.

  5. Under Stop showing popup once visitor takes this action, choose On Popup Close

  6. If you want users to see the pop-up every time they visit the page (instead of once), deselect the Prevent popup from showing to visitor again using a cookie? Checkbox.

  7. Click Add

  8. Set the popup delay time (we recommend the default), and click Add.

Specify where your pop-up appears by using targets

If you want your pop-up to appear only on certain pages, rather than site-wide, or to only appear on certain screen sizes (desktop, mobile, etc) you can specify this with pop-up targets.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of your popup page to Popup Settings

  2. Click on Targeting

  3. Click on the “Choose a condition” field to pick the page(s) where you want to display the popup.

  4. All done! On the right-hand side of the page, choose Publish or Save Draft to save your work.

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