Pop-ups can be used to display featured messages on select pages of your WordPress site. Once you install the Popup Maker plugin, you can create a new pop up, set the target pages, and style it.

Installing the Popup Maker Plugin

Our recommended plugin for creating and managing pop-ups is called Pop-up Maker, and can be found in the plugins library within your WordPress admin:

  1. From the left-hand toolbar in WordPress, click Plugins

  2. Check to see if you already have Popup Maker installed and activated in your list of plugins

  3. Click Add New

  4. In the plugins library area, search for Popup Maker on the right-hand side

  5. Click Install Now in the Popup Maker tile

  6. Once installed, click Activate

Create a new pop-up

Once you have the pop-up maker installed you can create a new pop-up and add any content to it that you wish to display for your users:

  1. From the left-hand toolbar in WordPress, click on Pop-up Maker

  2. Click Add Pop-up

  3. Enter a pop-up name - this is for internal use

  4. Enter a pop-up title - this is visible to users

  5. Enter your pop-up message in the text field

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