The Gallery Module is a module that helps you showcase all the images you’d like, in a grid or in a slider. A lot of golf courses use it to show different golf holes, the items on the restaurant menu, or the activities offered at the golf course.

Here’s how you add it:

First, add the right Module

  1. New modules can only be added inside of Rows. If you are starting a new page, don’t forget to add a row to your page first. Learn more about Rows here.

  2. Use the visual builder to add a standard section (the blue +) and then a section (green +) with a layout of your choice. The number of columns could be changed afterward.

  3. Then add a Module Button to any part of the row.

  4. Click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page.

  5. Click on Call-to-Action

Add Content

  1. Gallery Images: Click updated gallery and select the images you want to include in the gallery.

  1. Select the number of Images

  2. Choose if you want to show Title and Caption or not

  3. Choose if you want to show Pagination or not

  4. Add a link to the gallery if you’d like people to click and be redirected to a new page

  5. Choose a background, or leave it blank

  6. Images won’t show if you select “Grid”, you’ll have to save and then see the gallery.

Design Options

Under Design Options

  1. Choose the way you want it to appear in Layout

  2. You can select the thumbnail Orientation as well

  3. Choose the size and alignment in Sizing

  4. You can select the overlay icon in overlay, which will be displayed when hovering over.


  1. Click on the green checkmark

  2. Save, and exit visual builder.

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