To activate the Family Accounts feature, please reach out to an agent on the Golf support chat!

The Family Accounts feature allows golf courses to streamline house account

management when a family or business has multiple player accounts that are paid for by one family member.

A family will no longer have multiple payments for their individual house accounts; now, all members included in the family account will have their house account charges funneled into the primary members’ family account, at which point there will be a single payment for that consolidated account.

Upon activation of this feature, you will see a new Family Account tab appear on the customer profile.

To create a family account, follow these steps:

  1. Search for the family member that you intend to make the primary of the family account in the Customers section

  2. Click on Family Account and select Create

  3. The name of the family account will show automatically under Account Name. You can modify the name if necessary

  4. Add members to the family account and click on Create

Note: The family account cannot be created successfully if a member does not have an activated house account in Golf. To be sure, click on House Account and click on Connect if necessary, prior to adding the member to the family account.

Changing the primary member of a Family Account

  1. In the Family Account section, click on Settings on the left

  2. Click on Change the primary account member

  3. Select the person in the family that you want to choose as primary

  4. Click on Save at the top right


  • To change the primary member, the person needs to be a member of the family account first.

  • The statements will now be sent to the new primary member.

  • The automatic billing settings won't be modified when changing the primary member.

Once the family account is set up, you will see the amount due, which includes the total house account balance of each member. You have the option to determine how they pay their dues: either via Manual Payment or through an auto-billing strategy.

Manual payment:

  • Click on Make a Payment and choose the payment method you want to use for the primary member: Credit Card, Bank Account (US only), Cash* or Check*

  • You will have the list of all members part of the family account with their respected balance for Proshop and Restaurant (if applicable). You can Clear the amount or enter a different amount, depending on the requirement.

  • Click on Pay to finalize the payment

*Cash and Check can be added as payment methods in Lightspeed Golf. If you do not see the options for cash and check, please contact our support team so they can map these for you. This will map them to the corresponding payment methods in the POS.

Automatic Billing:

  • On the Family Accounts tabs, click on Settings on the left

  • Enable the Automatic Billing feature

  • Choose between Credit Card or Bank Account (US only) as the payment method

  • Click on Confirm Payment Method

  • Click on Save to activate the automatic billing


  • The auto-billing date will be the same for both Family Accounts and House Accounts. To determine the billing date, go to Settings > House Accounts > Billing Cycle

  • If the automatic billing is activated at the House Account level for a family member, the Family Account auto-billing will override that setting. This happens specifically if you want to use a different credit card or bank account to pay for the family account balance

Statements: The family account statement will display the transactions of each family member for a specific month.

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