Our Subscription Bundles feature allows for you to combine 1 membership and multiple services in order to sell this efficiently.

If you'd like to activate the Subscription Bundles feature, please make sure you reach out to our support team to activate this for you.

To set up your Subscription Bundles, you can navigate to Settings > Subscriptions > Bundles

To create a new bundle, you can click on "Create" and:

  • Set a name (eg: Senior Membership)

  • Click on the "Add" button

  • Proceed to add the membership and various services

  • Click on Save

Please note: You can only have one membership and multiple services within a subscription bundle. The tax on these bundles is derived from the taxes that are configured on the membership and services.

In order to sell the subscription bundle, you can navigate to the customer profile > click on the Subscription tab and click on Sell.

Under the "Add" button, you will see the option of Bundles to select and add to your sale.

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