In this tutorial, you will learn how to create product kits and use them on your Tee Sheet.

If you'd like to activate the Kits feature, please make sure you reach out to our support team to activate this for you.

This feature allows you to combine all your existing products in order to make it easier for you to sell them in one shot.

Prior to setting up the kits, ensure all the items you intend to bundle into the kits have been created i.e. green fees, carts, extras

To set up your kits, you can navigate to Settings > Products > Kits

To create a new kit, you can click on "Create" and:

  • Set a name (eg: Free cart Friday aka Freakout Friday)

  • Set a description (optional)

  • Proceed to add the various products included in the Kit

  • And select the golf course this kit will be available at (if you have multiple courses, you can either select all courses or restrict these extras to specific courses)

  • Click on Save

Important Note: You can add a quantity and a price to every product included in the kit. The price you set within the kit will override your regular prices for that specific product upon application of the kit.

To apply a kit to your reservation, you would click on the "Products" icon in the reservation window and add the kit.

Stay tuned for new reporting on Kits!

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