Update an event in Modern Events Calendar (M.E. Calendar):

You can update events from the M.E. Calendar section of the Wordpress toolbar.

  1. Click on M. E. Calendar in the Wordpress admin toolbar on the left side of your screen.

  2. Choose the event you would like to edit.

Update the event title and description:

Update your event details such as title, description, main content, links, images, etc.

  1. Update headings, content, and styled text in the description.

  2. Update links by highlighting the text to be linked, and choosing the link icon.

  3. Add a new image by selecting Add Media.

Update event details at the bottom of the event page:

Scroll down towards the bottom of any event page to set the date, start/end times, recurring events, and more.

  1. Update the event date, start time and end time in the Date and Time tab on the left.

  2. Update recurring events in the Recurring Event tab

Publish your event to save your changes:

Once you’re all done updating your event content and details, publish the event to make it available for your users.

  1. Click Update in the toolbar on the right side of the page

Learn more about events on the Modern Events Calendar tutorial page.

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