In order for the integration to work, you need to match your existing packages to the ones in WooCommerce.

First you'll have to create your packages in Lightspeed Golf.

WooCommerce Portion

  • From your Wordpress dashboard, click on Products > All Products

  • Click on the product you’ve just added > Edit

  • Below the SEO & Description section, click on the Tax Class dropdown list and select the appropriate category for the tax class (eg: If you added a package in Lightspeed Golf, you would choose Package as the tax class)

  • On the right side of the product page, you will have a Product Categories section.

  • In the bottom right, you will have a Product Image section. Click on Set Product Image and choose the appropriate image (can be your logo if the product has no image in particular)

  • Click on Update in the Publish section of the page and you are ready to sell your product!

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