We are super excited to present our new & improved user interface with our new colour scheme to go along the way! We hope that you'll like it as much as us!

Here are some of the changes
***Right-click on the image to open in a new tab for better viewing experience***

Logout Button
Now located at the top left by clicking on your username

Add Button
Add button replaces the “+” button and is now located at the top right in the different modules (Tee Sheets, Events & Customers)

Adjust Tee Sheet Mode
Now opens up the action bar at the bottom. First select the tee times you want to take action on and then select which action to perform

Course Selector
Moved the course selector to the different modules (Tee Times & Pricing, Events)

Help Button
Clicking the Help button on the bottom left opens up the support chat window

Breadcrumbs Menu
Easily navigate from one menu to another

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