Promo Codes can be created for customers to be used  to get a discount when making an online reservation . This Promo Codes can even be shared to Facebook to advertise to customers

  • To begin creating a Promo Code click on the Promotions tab of your Lightspeed Golf menu

  • Under the Promo Codes tab click the option to +Generate Promo Code

  • Enter the code you want to be used to receive the promotion & the course this code is applicable on (Note: Only alphanumeric characters are allowed (no spaces). Minimum of 6 characters, maximum of 20 characters.)

  • Under the Rules tab you can assign a percentage, number of uses, and products.

  • The Schedule tab you can choose which days of the week & times this promo code is applicable

  • The Restrictions tab allow you to stipulate the start & end date of the promo code as well as restrict certain player types from using it.

  • Remember to save the Promo Code to make in available for use

Note: Promo codes can be activated and deactivated at any time

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