1. Opening the register at the beginning of the day:
  • Log in
  • Click on the shop (if a multi-shop environment) and register you wish to open
  • Enter the opening float, either by using the specific bills/change or a total using the 'Extra' box
  • Submit the counts
  • You are now ready to begin processing transactions

2. Process sales throughout the day:

  • Send green fees and carts to the POS, or process pro shop merchandise transactions as normal

3. Close the register:

  • At the end of the day, proceed to Sales and click on Close Register
  • Count the float (Start+Adds column) AND cash sales during the day (Payments) either by using the defined bill+coin options or the Extra box (total)
  • Refer to the other tender methods for those payments (count is done automatically)
  • Enter a note (optional) and Submit Counts
  • Consult the Short/Over for each payment type
  • Save Counts
  • Print the report if required to add to the daily package

Optional Process - Payouts/Drops

If ever you must remove money from the till (so that it will not be considered in the closing procedure), a simple Payout is quick and easy:

  • In Sales, click on Payout/Drop
  • Count the cash
  • Enter a note for reference
  • Select the tender method (most likely cash)
  • Withdraw
  • Print the adjustment summary on the receipt printer if required

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