Player Types are how we differentiate players so they can receive the proper benefits associate to either their membership or that of a public player.

There are two types of Player Types; Member & Visitor.

Member Player Types: These player types are made to be associate to Memberships (see our Creating Memberships & Services article). Member Player Types also have the options of Viewing the Tee Sheet when booking as well as having access to the Member Directory

Visitor Player Types: These player types are designed for public players.

Player Types have different permissions that can be stipulated when creating a new player type (these permissions can be changed at any time)

  • Colour: The colour for this type of player as it will appear on the tee sheet.

  • Online Booking (on/off): Whether or not this player can book online

  • Booking Range: How Many Days in Advance this player can book (each player type can have a different booking range)

  • Opening Time: Time at which an additional booking day is unlocked. (For example, a Booking Range of 1 day and an opening time of 06:00 PM means tomorrow is only available for booking after 06:00 PM today.)

  • Requires Affiliation (visitor type only): This player type needs to be assigned by the club for the player to access it (with this turned off any public player will have access to this player type)

  • Requires Credit Card (on/off): Turning this on will force the player type to add a valid credit card when making a booking (nothing will be charged)

  • Access to Tee Sheet (MEMBERS ONLY): This will allow Members to view the tee sheet up to 7 days in advance, as well as see when other members are playing (public player names will not be shown)

  • Access to Member Directory (MEMBERS ONLY): Members will have access to other Member information such as member number, name, phone number and scoring factor

Follow these steps to create a new Player Type:

  1. Go to the Settings

  2. Select the Player Types

  3. Click + Create New Player Type

  4. Select which type of player you want to create (Visitor or Member)

  5. Select a colour & set Online Booking permissions

  6. Click Save

Don't forget that once you have created a new player type you will need to create a price rule for them on your Price Sheets.

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