1. To activate and sell a Loyal Action gift card in Lightspeed Restaurant, select Pay at the top right of your menu screen.
  2. Select the LoyalAction button that appears next to your payment methods.
  3. A customer list screen will pop up. Select continue.
  4. A screen will come up, asking you to enter the Gift Card number. If is an existing card, you will be able to search for the card and redeem the card in the transaction.
  5. If it is a new card, you will be prompted to add the Amount and select Create Card.
  6.  If you are creating a card, you can then select the tender method used by the customer to purchase the card. If it is an existing card, the tender amount will appear in the sale.

The video below showcases how to activate and sell a Loyal Action gift card through Lightspeed Restaurant:

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