Lightspeed Retail allows you to complete a blind close using the payout/drop feature.

In Lightspeed Retail, select the Sales tab and then select the Payout / Drop feature.

The employee will be prompted to submit a count without knowing what ''should'' be in the cash drawer. The employee will then typically withdraw the funds from the cash drawer and put them in an enveloppe for the manager.

The Manager would then be able to close the register and see what the employee has counted under the withdraw column and compare with what should have been in the count. Any adjustments required by the Manager can be managed at that stage.

If your employees are expected to complete their shift with a blind close, you will want to turn off the ability in the employee's role to use to close register option. In order to remove that option from the employee role, select Settings, then scroll down to Employee Roles. On that screen, select the role you want to modify and uncheck the Close Register option.

Here is a quick video tutorial highlighting the drop feature:

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