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Note: To start using the Raincheck module, please reach out on support so it can be activated

Issuing a raincheck:

  1. Click on the reservation on the Tee Sheet you wish to create a raincheck for

  2. Click on the Umbrella icon to create the raincheck for a specific player (the reservation needs to be marked as paid)

  3. Click on the 100% discount button to issue a 18 hole raincheck. Click on 50% to issue a 9 hole raincheck on a 18 hole round. Enter a specific percentage (ex. 25%). Or use a fraction (ex. 7/18) for prorated rainchecks.
    Note: when issuing a fraction, you would enter the amount of holes left to play/ 18)

  4. Click on Create

  5. Print the raincheck

Redeeming a raincheck:

  1. Create a new reservation or use an existing reservation that is not paid

  2. Process the sale in Lightspeed like any other transaction

  3. On Lightspeed, click on the Raincheck button on your Sales Screen

  4. Scan the raincheck if you have a barcode scanner or type in the code manually
    (It is recommended to associate a customer to a raincheck, so the code can be retrieved easily on the customer profile under the "Reservations" tab)

  5. Click on Search

  6. Click on Redeem

  7. Click Confirm (rainchecks are intended to be a one-time use only, this operation cannot be undone)

  8. Based on the amount issued on the raincheck, you will see the reduction to the current sales price

  9. Finalize the payment like a normal transaction and use another payment type to pay the difference, IF applicable.

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