For any facility where large groups of members regularly attempt to book at the same time for a small number of available reservations (within a competition or busy member day for example), having members book their time before adding their playing partners can expedite the process and help to guarantee that members get their desired tee time. It also ensures that playing partners continue to receive email confirmations for their reservation!

*Please note that this flow would not apply for any club that has required all members to be identified during the booking process.

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to either the tee sheet (if applicable) or calendar to select a time.
  2. Simply proceed for the total number of players in the group. *Important: In this case, the player types do not matter, and the member will book for the number of slots with their player type as a temporary placeholder. Player types will adjust automatically when the playing partners are added.
  3. Add carts, a package, or an online note if necessary, as per usual.
  4. Confirm the reservation!
  5. Select Edit to the right of the reservation in the member's Bookings tab. *Important: When the member edits their time, it still belongs to them and will not show as available to other players that are attempting to book at the same time.
  6. Search and add each of the playing partner members. Please note how their player types update once added.
  7. Re-confirm the reservation! Confirmation emails will be sent out to each playing partner.

For assistance with this process, please reach out on the chat and the support team can provide additional help!

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