Our subscription module allows you to sell memberships, a service or combinations that include 1 membership with multiple services.

Prior to selling the subscriptions, ensure all your memberships and services are created.

If your operation is seasonal, you can configure a Default end date to ensure the subscriptions end at the end of your golf season. Without this configuration, your membership duration is a year from the date of sale. We recommend setting this to November/ December in case your golf season lasts longer than anticipated!

The subscriptions module will allow you to achieve the following options:

  • Sell stand-alone memberships or services.

  • Sell a membership alongside multiple services

Navigate to Customers > Search Customer

On the Subscriptions tab, select the sell icon at the top right in order to build your quote.

  • Choose the Start/End Date of the subscription. The default start date will be today, and the default end date will be a year from the sale date or your chosen default end date.

  • Auto-Renew: If you are selling the membership onto a credit card or to be charged to the house account. You can auto-renew the subscription, this will copy the exact billing, price and validity of the original sale.

  • Click on Add > Select Membership > Choose Membership > Assign

  • Click on Add > Select Services > Choose service > Assign and follow the same process for any additional services you wish to sell.

Please Note: You can only have one active membership on a customer profile at a time.

  • You can offer a discount or change the price of the item by clicking on the membership or service. You can either change the price or offer a percentage discount.

Make sure all information is accurate, subscription schedule and all items are included. Click on Continue or Sale to go the payment screen.

Membership and Services Payment Methods:

For credit card and house account, you can choose the specific billing date for the dues, regardless off the active date range of the membership. IE. you can bill a customer starting today for a membership that begins in the future.

Credit Card: If you have Stripe configured, you can bill membership dues directly onto the customer's credit card. You also have the option to partition the payment into however many consecutive months. See Below

On Account: This will charge the membership dues onto the customer's house account and will be included in the next month's statements. You also have the option to partition the payment into however many consecutive months. See Below

Register: This will bring the sale into the POS where you can take a lump sum payment for it. There is no option to auto-renew or bill monthly when choosing the register.

Once you have selected the payment method, click on Save and this will trigger the payment strategy you have selected.

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