Conversion tracking is a powerful tool that will allow you to gain insights in to your user behaviour throughout the booking process. There are three actions a user can take that trigger an "event" -- a record of that action which you can track. Think of these events as a funnel: as your customers go through the booking process, some of them will continue on to the confirmation page and book a teetime, where others will leave. 

By comparing these ratios, as well as the other information provided via your conversion tracking software, you can get a better picture of how users behave while booking online at your club.


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This is the top of your funnel: the widest part, where you will have the most users. This event is triggered under two circumstances: when a user opens up the booking widget on your website, or by visiting your club's profile on the Lightspeed website.

You will receive a separate event notification when the user creates a booking, and lands on the confirmation page. This is the middle of the funnel: it's slightly narrower, since not every user who opens the widget will confirm a reservation.

Booking Created

Once a user confirms their reservation, a separate event will be triggered. This will let you know that a booking has been confirmed. This is the bottom of the funnel, where a user is converted into a customer. Out of all the visitors to your website or your club's Chronogolf by Lightspeed marketplace, only a percentage will make it to this stage. Knowing that percentage will allow you to easily track whether marketing campaigns, discounts etc. Are effective, by comparing your conversion before, and after.

Deal Purchased

If a user confirms a booking at your club as an online deal, this will trigger an additional event to the standard booking confirmation one. This will allow you to track wether deals prove to be more popular than regular reservations, and by how much.

Facebook Pixel

Setting up Facebook Pixel

In order to set up a Facebook Pixel with Lightspeed, go to the Facebook Pixel page here. Once you have set up a pixel, copy the Pixel ID. Navigate to your club's Lightspeed Golf admin site, then open up the settings page and click on "Conversion Tracking". You can then paste the Pixel ID in the field provided. 

Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics
In oder to use Google Analytics on your website, you will first need to set up a Google Analytics account, which can be done here. Next, log in, and click on the gear symbol in the sidebar marked "admin". Click on "create property", then enter in your course's info.

You will then be able to get a Analytics tracking ID, which can be pasted into the "Conversion Tracking" field, under settings on your Lightspeed Golf Admin page. 

 This will allow you to easily track your users' behaviour through Google Analytics.

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