If you'd like to activate the *Vouchers* feature, please make sure you reach out to our support team to activate this for you

This tutorial is an overview of the feature and explains the steps to uploading new vouchers. The vouchers feature can be used for promotions.

You can now print vouchers with a unique sequence of digits or a unique barcode and upload the list of vouchers in Lightspeed Golf.

To upload a list of vouchers, make sure you use the following template.

Important note: When importing, make sure your file is in .csv format

All fields are mandatory:

Name: Description of the voucher (eg. Round of Golf $24.99)
Code: Unique code for the voucher
Issued at: Issued date has to be before expiry date
Expires at: Expiry date
Value: Value can be anything but has to be >= 0 (eg. $24.99)

Our vouchers module allows you to manage the upload and redemption of vouchers. Anytime you scan a voucher, key information such as description, expiry date, validity and value will appear on the screen. Once a voucher is redeemed, it is marked as used and the system registers the date of redemption as well as the employee name that redeemed the voucher.

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