You have the option to configure mandatory credit cards for your members and guests.

This feature can be utilized even if they are paying at the course.

You may apply this option to specific player types, or make it mandatory for all.

In order to configure it for all your player types, you can navigate to Settings > Online Booking > Credit Card Required > select all your player types in one shot.

Another way to configure this within the player types. To set this up, you would navigate to Settings > Player types > Click on the Online Booking tab and toggle on Requires Credit Card

Note: The feature may encounter pushback, but can also serve as a safeguard by limiting risk and allowing you to easily enforce your booking policy regarding no-shows. 

Here is how that process will look from the user's perspective, from the moment they receive their activation email all the way through reviewing club by club access to all credit cards on file:

(open the gif in a new tab for the full size view)

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