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Tee Sheet Overview - Webinar

The tournament section can be found under our Events module:

Initial Setup: if you are a multi-course operator, ensure you are on the right course prior to setting up your tournaments!

  • Select Events in the sidebar menu

  • Click on Add in the top right hand corner and select "Tournaments"

  • Name the tournament, select a date and schedule (number of tee times to accommodate the size of the tournament), and describe the event.

Configuring Tee Times: 

  • Tee times: Choose between a standard, crossover, shotgun, or custom start.

  • Select the interval between each tee time.

Configuring Booking Options:

  • Assign the corresponding tournament price sheet or create and assign a new one in the same flow (based on the season, group size, and day of the week).

  • Do NOT enable Online Booking if you don't want players to book online.

Important Note: The event can be hidden from the booking widget, should you want to make this private. This event will still appear on the booking widget to

Setting The Recurrence:

  • Add the recurrence (if applicable), then configure that recurrence.

  • Choose daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Choose the number of instances per day/week/month.

  • Select the day of the month (ie. the 15th) or the day of the week (ie. Monday).

  • Select the corresponding days.

  • Enter the date of the last booking.

In the example below, we have chosen a monthly event that recurs on the first Tuesday of each month for one year.

  Adding Bookings:

  • In the Events calendar, click on the first instance of the event.

  • Select tee times.

  • Click on the "+" sign in the fourth slot of the first tee time.

  • Enter the player types for the event in question. Player information (if it is available) can be added afterwards.

  • Clone the booking for the number of necessary groups (6 in total, 5 clones).

Follow this process when adding the bookings should you want to make it easy for your staff

(Open the gif in a new tab for the full-size view)

Taking Payment:

In the example below, we are taking payments for the event, incorporating a meal voucher for some of the attendees:

  • Click on the payment icon in the top right-hand corner.

  • Check off all the groups.

  • Select "Take Payment" to send everything to the POS.

  • Once there, click on the quick button configured for your meals (''society'' in the example).

  • Select the corresponding meal button (in this case "Main Course" is the choice).

  • Enter the number of golfers that will be dining.

  • Complete the payment (for this example, we will use cash).

  • The golfers will now be marked as paid and arrived in Lightspeed Golf.

Taking payments should follow this flow:

(Open the gif in a new tab for the full-size view)


The tournament setup is now complete! In the Events section, the number of players and reservations can be seen on the Tournament's information page.

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