To create your tee times:

  1. Click on Tee Times & Pricing.

  2. Click on Create Tee Times. 

  3. Choose from Standard times, Shotgun, Crossover, or Custom*

  4. Choose the time period that you would like the tee times created.
           Only this day: will create it only on the day you have selected in the date window.
           Daily: Create the tee times for the length of the date range you have selected
           Weekly: Create tee times based on which days of the week you want this setup to apply to, including the end date of this interval.

Custom: refers to a dynamic Interval of tee times. For example, if you currently have an alternating 8 and 9-minute interval, use this document to copy and paste the desired interval in the box.

When you are filling in the time range, fill it out based on your first and last available tee time. Please note, this section uses military time/24 hour clock.

(Example: 13:07. 13:15, 13:22, 13:30, 13:37, 13:45)

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